Track to Success Gives People the Skills they Need for Employment.


The MRCI Track to Success program is a skill development training for people with disabilities. The training will be held Monday through Friday, and will be six weeks in length.  The training will be offered four times per year.  The Skill Training will use a customer service focused curriculum for part of each day with the balance of the day concentrated on individualized plans that develop the curriculum based skills at a community work site.  Participants will also learn soft skills and they will work towards developing the independence and necessary confidence that will enable them to compete and succeed in today’s job market.


The six week curriculum will include communication skills, interpersonal skills, situational judgment, problem solving and all aspects of building and maintaining a solid customer service relationship.


The participants will complete a professional workforce portfolio and they will earn a Certificate of Completion.  The Certificate of Completion will acknowledge that participants have developed competencies in the areas of effective communication, in working cooperatively with others, in applying customer service skills, and they will have enhanced their abilities to evaluate strategies to become more effective at what they do.


The on-site training component gives the participants the opportunity to use a “hands on” approach to learning curriculum specific skills and concepts in a real life setting.  Participant will receive a stipend for the training hours worked at the community work sites.


The program training staff will oversee the job specific curriculum and they will monitor the participant’s progress.   Upon successful completion of the curriculum and on-site training component, a planning conference will be held to assess the participant’s progress and determine strategies recommended for each participant.  Those participants recommended for placement (PBA Authorized) after the six week program will complete an additional two weeks of training focused on job search, interviewing, applications, resumes, etc. along with afternoon skill-building, business tours and guest speakers.  This will allow for a smooth transition for all participants after the completion of the program by: 1) improving  the placement piece by moving forward with job search and interviewing with a PBA in place, and 2) for those not employment ready, being either referred to other programs as appropriate and funded.


The fee for the Track to Success program is $3680 for all participants in the six-week program.  For those who are PBA ready, a two-week placement training will be included.  When making a referral, please use the MRCI referral form which indicates Track to Success, include the authorizations, and forward to Tom Rivers, Program Coordinator.


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