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Leadership Conference Invites MRCI Client to Stage

When Suzanne Sukalski was in second grade, she was told she didn’t need to learn to read. When Suzanne was in sixth grade, the class considered leaving her behind on the annual ski day because it was just something they said she wouldn’t be able to do. In middle school she was the only one not required to enter the science fair, they figured it would probably be too much for her.


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Laughs and  Life-Changing Mission

What happens when you combine laughter with a life-changing mission? You get Whose Line Is It Mankato? A new, signature fundraiser event for MRCI that features a professional improv group and 10 community leaders taking the stage November 1 completely unscripted!


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KEYC News: MRCI Seeking Nominations For 65th Anniversary

Tami Reuter with MRCI joined KEYC News 12 This Morning to talk about their 65 years of service in the community and their mission of empowering individuals with disabilities or disadvantages. As part of this anniversary celebration MRCI is seeking nominations for its Connection of Excellence Awards.


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November 23, 2018

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Creating innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages at home, at work and in the community.

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