2013 (January 1 – December 31, 2013)


Thank you to the hundreds of donors whose support allows MRCI WorkSource to serve approximately 4,000 individuals annually through our mission of creating innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages to support their community participation.


MRCI Foundation Donors

Abdo Consulting Group, Inc.

Aetna Foundation

Thomas and Rebecca Aitken

Stephen Akre

Rae Allen

Gary and Stephanie Altfillisch

American Legion Post 132

American Legion Post 65

AMV Care Van

Arlyce Anderson

Fern Anderson


Vickie Apel

Judy Arzdorf

Dennis and Joyce Baird

Gary and Kathleen Bakken

Marilu and Gerry Bambery

Marlian Bandow

John Banschbach and Kathleen Felt

Linley and Sheryl Barnes

Shirley Bartusek

Bernard and Marilyn Bastian

Leo and Diane Bauer

Helga Becker

BENCO Electric Cooperative

Brian and Nancy Benshoof

John and Ramona Berg

Andrew and Anne Biebl

Kay Bierma

Darla and Jan Bird

Allie Bisch

Dorothy Bjerke

Blethen Gage & Krause

Thomas and Harriet Bliese

Blue Earth County Pork Producers

Blue Sky Mechanical

Ava Marie and Bruce Blum

Melody and DeMar Borth

Linda and Myron Bosworth

William Bradley

Ruth Brandel

Keith and Diane Brekke

Lorna and Allen Bremer

Rod Brockmeyer

Monica and Tony Broughten

Jolene and Perry Brown

Sue M. and Robert Browne

Carla and Darwin Bruns

Sharon Buckley

Sally and L.D. Burdick

Charles R. Butler

John and Elizabeth Butler

Laura Butzer

C & S Supply

Ray and Dorothy  Cain

CAM Properties

Drew and Dawn Campbell


Donald and Mary Carlsen

Marian Carlson

Carstensen Enterprises, Inc.

Casey’s General Stores, Inc.

Mrs. William Chalgren

Susan S. Chambers and Henry Panowitsch

Becky Childers

Tom Chouanard

Fran Christensen

Nancy Christiansen

Audrey Claridge

Cloverleaf Cold Storage Co.

Nancy Commerford

Community Shares of Minnesota


D & A Truck Line

Robert and Genevieve Dahl

Dailey Law Office

Robert J. and Kathleen Dale

Tim and Wanda Daniels

Charles E. and Virginia Danish

Bernard and Lorna Dannhoff

Denis and Rita Dauw

Douglas H. and Kathy DeBough

James L. and Joanne Ardolf Decker

Allan and Carol Dekruif

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Kathryn DeMarce

Hildegard Denn Estate

Dorothy and Arland Denzel

Jeremiah Devlaeminck

Anita Dittrich

Jon Donovan

John and Kathleen Dorn

Thomas and Jocelyn Dougan

Downs Food Group

Matt Downs

Karen Ducharme

David and Barbara Eberhart

William L. and Ginny Edwards

Delmer and M. Jo Ann Eggert

David J. and Larissa Egli

Charles F. and Linda Eisenbeis

Michael B. and Barbara Embacher

Scott Emich

Erbert and Gerbert’s Subs & Clubs

John T. and Sally Erdahl

Jerald and Eliza Erickson

Barbara Erie

Judith Essen

Express Care Auto Center

Jolean and Dennis Faaborg

Carol and Perry Fales

Mark and Lynn Fendrich

Mary Lou Fink

Ruth Fitterer

Gene and Julie Fladeboe

Gary and Carol Fleming

Richard and Sue Fleming

Marie Flicek

David N. and Cynthia Florine

Alan T. and Kathryn Forsberg

Frandsen Bank & Trust

Marcel Frederick Estate

Stephen G. and Deborah Frederick

David P. and Janis Fromm

Fromm’s Auto

Ruth Gag

Dorothy and Kelton Gage

Bonnie Gallagher

Eugene A. and Roberta Ganske

Orval and Carol Gartner

Richard G. and Mary Gaskins

Bev and Cecil Gates

Joseph Y. and Vaunie Gee

John and Mary Lou Getta

Patricia and Donald Gibbs

Gislason & Hunter LLP

Thomas and Leita Gjersvig

Eugene C. and Patricia Glade

Jim and Monica Gode

Todd Golly

Sharon and David Gorham

Carla Graham

Donna and Gordy Graham

Gravitec Development, Inc.

Janice Griebel

Donald and Shirley Grindstaff

Cathy and Paul Groebner

David and Marilyn Gruenzner

Guentzel Family Farms

Irving and Shirley Hagen

H. Joseph and Shari Hager

W. Kirk and Joyce Hankins

Helen Hansen

John O. and Ila Hansen

Daniel and Marilyn Hanson

Kathryn T. Hanson

Morris and Barb Hanson

Jean Hardel

Dorothy Harguth

Barbara Hasher

Tom and Patti Hayes

Todd Heminover

Robert and Helen Henry

Larry W. and Sheila Herke

Jack and Shirley Higginbotham

John P. and Carolyn Hinz

Carrie and Glen Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. James Hogon

Joe and Mary Holland

Alan and Dianne Honermann

Gary and Carolyn Hopfenspirger

Hosanna Lutheran Church

Nanette and Terry Hrdlicka

Melissa and Trent Hudson

Karen Huper

Randy Hurd

Shirley and John Husby

JoAnn and Glenn Hutchinson

Sharon Ingalls

Dorothy and Ron Jacobson

Janesville Township Annual Charity

Jim and Judy Johannsen

Wallace J. and Kathy Johns

Calvin P. Johnson

Eldon and Helen Jones

Chuck and Karen Juntunen

Kahler Automation Corporation

Char and Wayne Kahler

Kato Engineering Company

Sarah and David Keller

Todd Kenward

Ron and Fran Kibble

Dale and Rosemary Kinne

Gordon C. and Joann Kivi

Kiwanis Holiday Lights

Klassen Dentist Group

Virginia Klenk

Mark Koehler

Bernie and Judy Koenigs

Adeline Kohman

Alan and Susan Kral

Nancy Krenik

Jerry and Daniela Kroon

Fred and Anna Krost Charitable Trust

Jane Krummel

Gary and Peggy Kulseth

Daniel J. Kummer

Mike W. and Denise Kunkel

Bruce R. and Kristine Kurtz

Don and Joanne Kvasnicka

Kwik Trip, Inc.

Lowell & Nadine Andreas Foundation

L & S Express

Alfred T. Lahti

Mark and Jane Landreville

Bud and Shirley Lawrence




Robert B. and Eloise Layman

Bette and Ray LeBrun

Linda Leger

Linda and Brad Leiding

Lance and Hannelore Leipold

Stinson, Leonard, Street & Deinard Law Office

Rebecca and David Liebl

Lime Valley Advertising, Inc.

Adrian and Pei-loh Lo

Elenora Loeffler

Jeanette and Richard Macho

Kathleen Mack

Magnus and Jones Attorneys at Law

Barbara and William Maher

Mankato Clinic

Gerald and Kathleen Maschka

Vincent and Patricia Mathiowetz

Ramona McCorquodale

Carol J. McCoy

Byron and Karen McGregor

Daniel and Mary Jo Menden

Donald and Marjorie Meredith Foundation

Catharine and David Meyer

Gary Meyer

MGC Pork

Theodore Miller

Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

Minnesota Iron and Metal

Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

MN Federal Seed Company

Betty J. and James Moe

Richard and Jeanne Moe

Patricia A. and Dave Morrow

Morson Ario VFW Post 9713 Auxiliary

Clare Mountain

MRCI Bargain$ Store

Daniel J. Mundahl Charitable Foundation

Marilyn and Patrick Murphy

Lois J. Mussett


Bob and Mary Neal

Daniel and Patricia Nelson

Marilyn Nelson

Vicki Nelson

William F. and Mary Nelson

Verne and Lorraine Neppl

Norland Financial, LLC

Ruth J. Nuessle

Judy and Ken O’Brien

Carolyn and Dennis Olson

Dennis A. and Karen Olson

Robert J. and Susan Olson

Susan and Joseph Ormsby

Tito and Mary Ortega

Richard and Diane Osborne

Overhead Door Company of Mankato

Cheryl T. Owens

Paragon Printing

Bonnie Parrals

Kathryn Parrish

Paulsen Architects

Nona and Benny Pederson

Vince Pentico

Donna Pepper

Perfecseal Mankato

Dwain and Carole Peterson

Pioneer Bank

POET Biorefining Lake Crystal

Kenneth and Ramona Polzin

Mavis Post

Martha Potter Scholl

Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council

Prairieland Flywheelers Club

Pro Graphix

Sandra Ramstad

Lloyd and Kathleen Reid

Margaret Remiger

Harold and Maxine Remme

Forrest Rettmer

Katie Reyes

Marcia M. Richards

Patrick M. Rigdon

Jon and Cheryl Ripke

Robert and Kathleen Roepke

Rosemount, Inc.

Rosendale Township United Fund

Carolyn and James Rovney

Shirlee and Bruce Ruble

S & S Thermo Dynamics, Inc.

Thomas and Lucinda Salsbery

Barbara O. Sanders

Shirley and John Scheidel

Daniel J. and Sylvia McCarty Scheurer

Paul and Beverly Scheurer

William Schindler

Leona Schlingmann

Jerome and Margaret Schmidt

Joan Schnieder

Anita L. and Timothy Schoen

David L. and Jane Schostag

Edna Schroeder

Donald F. Schultz

Dean and Sue Scott

Tim Scott and Lona Mae Falenczykowski

Lloyd R. and Rosie Seipp

Rosemary and Roy Shepard

William and Theresa Shores

Shyd’s Auto Body Shop,  Inc.

Allen and Loretta Sigafus

William and Josie Simonette

Brenda and Vern Simpson

Deb and Scott Sims

Floyd and Delpha Skelly

Nancy Smith

The Honorable Norbert P. and Lynette D. Smith

Steven R. and Cecelia Smith

Carol and Thomas Solberg

Bonnie Sonnek

Donna Southwick

William and Mary Kay Spence

Florence Sponberg

St. Olaf Women of the ELCA

Alice Steffl

Dolores Stelten

Roger and Beverly Stoufer

Kathryn and Joseph Sturm

Paul L. and Rebecca Sullivan

Peggy J. Sundell

Barbara and Tim Swanson

Leon and Delores Tacheny

Taylor Corporation Companies

Clarence and Diane Telshaw


John R. and Norma Thomas

Marjorie and Walter Thompson

Thomson Reuters

Mary Topp

Toppers Plus

Romaine Touhey

Dave and Sally Trask

United Prairie Bank

Timothy and Laurie Valentin

Valley News Foundation

Kathy and Larry Van Tol

Bill and Ruthann Vihstadt

Owen and Dorothy Viker

Richard and Lila Voehl

Thomas and Charla Voigt

Rebecca and Larry Volk

Jack and Dora Volz

John and Darlene Wagner

Joe Wallschlaeger

Wal-Mart Foundation

Walnut Lake United Way

Jim and Jane Walsh

Ed and Maureen Waltman

Washington Lake Combined Charities

Bill and Kay Wernecke

C. N. Wersal and Sandra Hyde

Sandy and Jerry Wersal

Mark and Margaret Wheeler

Brenda and Mark Wiger

Evelyn Wilder

Paul and Mary Willaert

Robert and Jeanne Willaert

Williams Diamond Center

Jerry R. and Vee Williams

Ron and Jeanne Wilmes

Winnebago United Fund

Wilfred M. and Mary Jane Witz

Dorothy Wormer

Xcel Energy

Lorraine Zarn

John P. and Jody Zellmer

Zion Lutheran Church Women




The Foundation makes every effort to correctly report and honor our donors.  If we have made an error, please contact Vickie Apel (vapel@mrciworksource.org).